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Eagle Scout Courtney Miller and her parents, Terrell and Colleen Miller

In 2019 the Boy Scouts of America began letting girls into their flagship program, Boy Scouts, renaming the program Scouts BSA. Scouts BSA female Scouts are in separate Troops from male Scout Troops. In 2020 Troop 1524 was founded to give females between the ages of 11 to 17 in Rockwall County the opportunity to participate in the Scouts BSA program and earn the Eagle Scout rank.

Courtney Miller was a founding member of Troop 1524. Courtney is Troop 1524's and Rockwall County's first female Eagle Scout as she attained the Eagle Scout rank on September 25. Courtney earned 31 merit badges, served in many leadership positions within Troop 1524 including Senior Patrol Leader twice, and performed many hours of service in the community enroute to her Eagle Scout rank.

Each potential Eagle Scout is required to complete an Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout project requires the Scout to apply leadership to planning, developing, and execution of a project that gives back to the community. Courtney's Eagle Scout project was "Helping Those in Poverty with Toiletries." Her project teamed with Rockwall County Helping Hands by holding toiletry drives with several Rockwall County groups and then providing a toiletry pick-up event. The pick-up event had forty-seven families attend that ultimately assisted over 170 people! Courtney and her volunteers spent 177 hours on the toiletry drives and toiletry pickup event.