Dr. David Juan – Guest Contributor
Jun 27 2014
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While prescription drugs seem like an easy fix for heart trouble, this two-part series looks at an easy alternative fix to safeguard you against heart disease — diet.

The typical approach to the management of heart disease is pharmaceuticals. If you have some form of heart disease and are receiving care from a doctor, this is probably the approach recommended.

However, there are other healthcare providers who have a different approach to managing one of the most common reasons why people die early in the United States. There is a better way and it is often overlooked. What if I was to tell you that this way involved a special diet to control your blood pressure, levels of blood fats and decrease your weight in lieu of the common drug therapies?

One Canadian cardiologist is trying to get his patients to do away with their cholesterol-lowering drugs and substitute them with a vegan-style diet. Dr. Shane Williams advocates that his patients not eat animal food and consume a plant-based diet full of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

According to Williams, “People do not know the power of food. The challenge is that this takes time.”

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