A popular song by Matthew West implores listeners to "Do Something." Volunteers at Rockwall County Helping Hands showed that they absolutely have done something by donating over 18,626 service hours in 2013 alone.  This outstanding combined volunteer time totaled $256,727 in estimated value for the agency. 
Here's one thing we know: volunteers are at the heart of Rockwall County Helping Hands.  Our volunteers build a stronger, more vibrant community, brightening the lives of our children, families, seniors and neighborhoods.    
More than 100 volunteers of Rockwall County Helping Hands were honored recently for their service to the non-profit critical assistance agency. 
Welcome to our annual celebration of you," Executive Director Margo Nielsen said, welcoming the agency's volunteers to the luncheon at Culpepper's Steak House. "You make our agency work."
Helping Hands volunteers are a varied group of giving people. They include: young and old, professional and blue collar workers, generous supporters and former clients and men and women that are retired or working part-time.
"When one considers the programs that are carried out so successfully that involve providing assistance to so many clients -- whether it be help with utilities, shelter, food or Christmas toys -- it is clearly evident that our staff couldn't even come close to meeting these needs without the cadre of volunteers that are a part of the assistance program," Sherry Hamm, the agency's director of Assistance and Referral, said.
During the luncheon, the group was treated to a moving talk by guest speaker Pastor Greg Beauchamp and awarded raffle prizes. 
Helping Hands volunteers are an invaluable resource to the agency and its assistance program, the Health Center and the Centcible Thrift Stores. Their incredible value isn't measured in dollars alone, but in the hours of work and support they provide on a wide-range of projects requiring their time, talents and energy.  We are so thankful that they "Did Something!"
Visit online for more information or learn how you too can volunteer and Do Something!'
Information provided by Rockwall County Helping Hands.
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