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Are you fed up with the sky high premiums, and lack of benefits? Cannot afford to add your spouse or family? Please take a moment and look at the most affordable, revolutionary, and exceptional health insurance plans in the U.S., and save your family or company hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. You do have a much better, affordable choice!

Why pay for health insurance benefits that you do not need today, may never need or may not be able to afford today, or pay for other peoples pre-existing conditions, and older ages? Do not be locked into a one year contract, with open enrollment only a few weeks per year.

I am with U.S. Health Advisors, headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A not for profit company, we are a subsidiary to the 3rd largest financial company in the world, Credit Suisse, and structured to compete against Obama Care and the Affordable Care Act, and to fit any budget.


♦ Full Comprehensive Health Insurance - Hospitalization, Wellness (Doctor’s office visits, labs, x-rays), Accident coverage, and Prescriptions. Everything and much more than you get with an Exchange plan, but better, and much less expensive.
♦ 3 year guaranteed premiums.
♦ Guaranteed Lifetime Fixe Premium Rate Locks on our Guaranteed issue policy for pre-existing conditions of any kind.
♦ No deductibles, co-insurance, or co-pays.
♦ Up to 6 free (max of $60.00 to $75.00) doctor visits per year, with rollovers to next.
♦ Blanket Excess Medical Expense Coverage of up to $10,000 for an accident, paid directly to you, after a $500 deductible per accident, per Member.
♦ Up to $800.00 per day for 30 days paid directly to you, if you are confined in the hospital for more than 1 night.
♦ Under Group Plans, each policy is an individual policy, which is owned by the employee. If the employee is fired, laid off, or just leaves on their own, for any reason, they take the policy with them. They do not have to suffer with the high Cobra rates.

♦ Hospital Confinement Rider: A: If you are confined to a hospital as an inpatient, you get a 250% increase of the covered hospitalization room and board for 7 days, at no extra cost. B: And, the Mother of all benefits, if you or any other insured plan member suffers a serious medical event (accident, sickness, or catastrophic), resulting in a longer hospital stay or increased medical expenses, you have the right to upgrade to our Platinum EHB plan for $950.00 max out of pocket, and 100% of the total medical costs are covered.
♦ And much, much, more.

We are contracted with the two largest PPO Providers in the U.S., Cigna and PHCS. We contract with Careington Dental, headquartered in Frisco for dental, and VCS for vision coverage. We are underwritten by Freedom Life out of Fort Worth. There is no other plan in the U.S. on the Federal Exchange or Private Exchange that can match these benefits in a single plan. 

The 3 year guaranteed rates will only go up, at the end of the 3rd year, based on the client's new age. Any health issues that has happened during the preceding 3 years, including diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc., will not affect the policy premium.

An example of the no Co-pays at the Doctor's offices: we contract with the Doctor's office, who accept Cigna and PHCS PPOs, for from $60.00 to $75.00 per each doctor office visit. In this area the rates are typically from $35.00 to $60.00. Specialists run around $100.00 and up. You pay nothing when you go in, they bill us, and we pay them. The same for prescriptions. If the cost is over what we are contracted for, you will pay the difference. Conversely, if what you owe is less than the $60.00 or $75.00, we send the difference to you. On prescriptions, we pay from $10.00 up to $50.00 for generic and brand name medications, depending on the plan selected. We pay up to 130% of what Medicare offers, so Doctors and Hospitals love us.

In the face of the current direction of health insurance in the U.S., under the control of the Affordable Care Act and Federal Mandates, we offer Affordable, Full, and Comprehensive Health Insurance that is revolutionary. It is the same as full major medical insurance required by the ACA, but structured so that we offer customized insurance to individuals based on their age, sex, health conditions, and personal budgets. You actually have to qualify for our health insurance. 

This differs from traditional Major Medical, where you must pay co-pays every time you go to a doctor's office, and first satisfy a deductible every year before you are eligible to receive benefit payments. Even then, you have to pay a co-insurance like 70/30 or 80/20 before the insurance company will pay 100%.

Please contact me with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

Russell White
U.S. Health Advisors


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